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When you purchase any of our #MAUISTRONG merchandise, 100% of profits go directly toward the Maui Strong Fund, aiding in the recovery of individuals and areas impacted by the devastating Maui wildfires. Join us in this important cause and help us rebuild our community.

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About the Maui Strong Fund

The Maui Strong Fund is dedicated to providing financial resources that address immediate and long-term recovery needs. With a focus on people and places affected by the wildfires, this fund plays a crucial role in bringing stability back to our community.


Working hand-in-hand with state and county leaders, nonprofit organizations, and local residents, we're committed to understanding evolving priorities and offering essential support.

HCF's Disaster Response Approach: HCF employs a four-phase approach to disaster response. By being proactive, focused, and collaborative, we ensure that aid reaches those who most need it. 

100% Fund Allocation: Rest assured that when you contribute to the Maui Strong Fund, every cent counts. HCF will not deduct any fees from your donations; 100% of the funds collected will be directly distributed to address various community needs arising from the wildfires.

Learn More and Get Involved: For additional information, please explore the following resources:


Together we've raised


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